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Melhus Fotterapiklinikk are best therapy center in Norway. We are best health care treatment Center and preventing any future foot problem. We treat and prevent disorders related to the skin, nails, skeletal and muscles of the foot. if you suffer from any Painful nails, foot hard skin and want to removing hard skin and get relief Therapy then choose our services. We will give complete therapy Service to the customer. We have authorized health care professional, who perform health care treatments. Our main task is to find the cause of the problems and not just treat the symptoms. Hard skin give stress you. If the skin is dry, light cracks are formed on the heel portion. With regular treatment at the photo therapist, ailments can be reduced and prevented. Photo therapists cuddle gentle hard skin, wipe away bumps and glue skin lines. Hard skin can create thorns and skin cracks. The photo therapist removes it gently and efficiently. We are always up to date.Our services –
  • Removing hard skin
  • relief Therapy
  • Painful nails
  • podiatrists
Although, we launched our online website “” which is hosted by France Server Hosting. It is leading brand in server hosting industry, it deliver France Dedicated Server and France VPS Hosting at minimum price. Melhus Fotterapiklinikk also perform relief therapy, With relief therapy, we can reduce the stress on the feet ‘problem areas. We have relief materials that are adapted to different problems, needs and applications, such as silicone and wool felt. We help you if you have hard skin and heels, thorns or nipples, mushrooms in the skin or nails, nipples, psoriasis or diabetes. A basic foot treatment consists of the following: Cutting and grinding of nails Removing hard skin Foot massage. Feel free contact us if you need therapy services.